The Tale of Time Capsule Board Game Cafe

Once upon a time, two slightly nerdy friends, one has recently graduated from university, the other worked as a mechanic, were sitting on a balcony and had some sort of purpose of life kind of conversation which resulted in a firm decision to open up a board game café. 
One of them, let’s call him Igor, was brewing this idea for a few years but never quite had the follow through to go with it. The other, let’s call him Dima, was just sick and tired of his monotonous life and after hearing the proposition decided to say “F it, let’s do it!” And so the friends agreed to cut the ties with their old lives and venture forth into the scary outlands to build something special with plenty of enthusiasm, a rough plan and a vague idea of the challenges that lied ahead. 
So far, our heroes faced and managed to overcome quite a few challenges. From fighting off an evil minion by the name of “Master Chef Z” who sold Rogers phone plans on a side, to building an amazing base on Danforth with their own hands, to creating an awesome menu, Dima and Igor have finally managed to open the doors of Time Capsule Board Game Café. This is no ordinary board game café, rather it is a place of wonder, art and fun at the same time. It is full of unique objects that passer by heroes can interact with. It has dragons, lava lamps, plants, paintings, a beautiful mural, bean bag chairs, plasma lamps, a magic 8 ball, an aquarium, a bunch of puzzles, coloring books and of course a large selection of board games. 
The original vision behind Time Capsule was to create an environment where all kinds of different people can come to, put aside their regular lives for a little, disconnect from their virtual selves and have a good old interpersonal fun with each other letting time disappear and maybe reconnect with that more pure and authentic part of themselves that so many of us tend to forget about in the whole chaos of life thing. 
Truly though, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the unlikely alliances they have made with an epic sign guy(LED Solutions FTW), a super cool Lord of the Land named Lewis, a really talented artist named Paul and many others. Furthermore, Igor and Dima were lucky enough to have the friends and family that they did who were there to help and truly support them on their slightly crazy journey. The tall giant by the name of Anvar, princess Lena; the cool architect with Jesus hair named Sergei and a social media warrior princess named Ilona; Jeff the game master and of course the level 80 wizard by the name of Aidan. These loyal companions have helped and are continuing to help in enormous ways that cannot be overstated. 
The journey is not over yet, new challenges are ahead and although no one truly knows what awaits over the horizon, our heroes venture forth to victory! 
Oh, and their parents helped too. Thanks mom and dad!